Saharanpur to Yamunanagar Bus Time Table Latest

Latest Haryana roadways Saharanpur to Yamunanagar Bus Time Table Latest

Saharanpur to Yamunanagar Bus Time Table Latest
Saharanpur to Yamunanagar bus timing

Haryana Roadways Buses is operating its buses from Saharanpur to Yamunanagar as per Saharanpur bus stand timetable

Saharanpur to Yamunanagar Distance: 36.7 km

Saharanpur to Yamunanagar bus Ticket price: 50 Rs (approx)

Serial number Departure timeBus routeViaBus type
01.Buses are available
every Hour
Saharanpur to YamunanagarHaryana roadways
Saharanpur to Yamunanagar bus time


Passengers are advised to confirm Saharanpur to Yamunanagar bus Time table from Saharanpur Bus stand Enquiry Numbers:-


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Saharanpur to Yamunanagar Train TimeTable

Indian Railways operate trains between Saharanpur to Yamunanagar:

Train numberSaharanpur railway station timingYamunanagar railway station timingTravel timeTrain typeDay
1823712:05 am12:32 am27 MinutesChhattisgarh ExpressRuns daily
1463112:20 am12:46 am26 MinutesAmritsar ExpressRuns daily
1810312:35 am1:01 am26 MinutesAmritsar Jallianwala Bagh ExpressWed, Fri
122071:05 am1:31 am26 MinutesJammu Tawi Garib Rath ExpressWed
126871:20 am1:46 am26 MinutesChandigarh SF ExpressWed, Sat
130051:45 am2:11 am34 MinutesHowrah-Amritsar MailRuns daily
040532:00 am2:28 am28 MinutesUdhampur ANVT-UHP SPLKTue, Fri
193072:45 am3:11 am26 MinutesChandigarh Weekly ExpressFri
133073:00 am3:26 am26 MinutesGanga Sutlej ExpressRuns daily
123314:25 am4:51 am26 MinutesHimgiri ExpressSun, Mon,. Thu
156534:25 am4:51 am26 MinutesJammu Tawi Amarnath ExpressFri
156514:25 am4:51 am26 MinutesLohit ExpressWed
150974:25 am4:51 am26 MinutesJammu Tawi Amarnath ExpressSat
125874:25 am4:51 am26 MinutesJammu Tawi Amarnath SF ExpressTue
041475:40 am6:14 am34 MinutesSaharanpur-Ambala Cantt. MEMU Express SpecialRuns daily
045016:30 am7:03 am33 MinutesSaharanpur-Una Himachal MEMU Express SpecialRuns daily
145237:05 am7:28 am23 MinutesHarihar ExpressTue, Fri
146157:05 am7:31 am26 MinutesAmritsar ExpressSun
122317:50 am8:16 am26 MinutesChandigarh SF ExpressRuns daily
1467310:20 am10:46 am26 MinutesShaheed ExpressSun, Tue, Thu, Fri
1464910:20 am10:46 am26 MinutesSaryu Yamuna ExpressMon, Wed, Sat
1461710:35 am11:01 am26 MinutesAmritsar Jan Sewa expressRuns daily
1252711:05 am11:31 am26 MinutesChandigarh Weekly SF ExpressMon
1501112:40 pm1:06 pm26 MinutesChandigarh ExpressRuns daily
193253:20 pm3:46 pm26 MinutesIndore-Amritsar ExpressWed, sat
147114:05 pm4:31 pm26 MinutesShri Ganganagar Intercity-ExpressRuns daily
120534:20 pm4:46 pm26 MinutesAmritsar Jan Shatabdi ExpressSun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat
045234:40 pm5:13 pm33 MinutesSaharanpur-Nangal Dam MEMU Express SpecialRuns daily
145215:00 pm5:22 pm22 MinutesAmbala Cantt. Intercity-ExpressRuns daily
129035:40 pm6:06 pm26 MinutesGolden Temple MailRuns daily
146816:35 pm7:01 pm26 MinutesJalandhar City Intercity ExpressRuns daily
146056:50 pm7:16 pm26 MinutesJammu Tawi ExpressMon
152117:15 pm7:41 pm26 MinutesJan Nayak ExpressRuns daily
146097:58 pm8:23 pm25 MinutesHemkunt ExpressRuns daily
045118:50 pm9:18 pm28 MinutesBeas Satsang SpecialFri
146619:05 pm9:31 pm26 MinutesJammu Tawi ExpressMon, Wed, Sat
146459:05 pm9:31 pm26 MinutesShalimar ExpressSun, Tue, Thu, Fri
1488711:15 pm11:38 pm23 MinutesBarmer ExpressRuns daily
1315111:40 pm12:06 am26 MinutesJammu Tawi ExpressRuns daily
Saharanpur to Yamunanagar train time

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