Ropar to Chandigarh Bus Time Table Latest

Latest CTU Buses Ropar to Chandigarh Bus Time Table Latest

Ropar to Chandigarh Bus Time Table Latest
Ropar to Chandigarh bus timing

Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) is operating its buses from Ropar to Chandigarh as per the Ropar bus stand timetable

Ropar to Chandigarh Distance: 48 km

Ropar to Chandigarh bus Ticket price: 80 Rs (approx)

Serial number Departure timeBus routeViaBus type
01.5:10 amRopar to ChandigarhPinjoreCTU
02.6:00 amRopar to ChandigarhPinjoreCTU
03.6:10 amRopar to ChandigarhPinjoreCTU
04.6:15 amRopar to ChandigarhPinjoreCTU
05.6:40 amRopar to ChandigarhPinjorePRTC Ordinary
06.7:40 amRopar to ChandigarhPinjoreCTU
07.8:30 amRopar to ChandigarhPinjorePRTC Ordinary
08.11:30 amRopar to ChandigarhPinjoreCTU
Ropar to Chandigarh bus time


Passengers are advised to confirm Ropar to Chandigarh bus Time table from Ropar Bus stand Enquiry Numbers:- 01881, 221376, 0161 – 2447015

CTU online bus ticket booking Portal/Website:- Click here


For Chandigarh to Ropar bus timetableClick here

Alternative route :

Ropar to Chandigarh Train TimeTable

Indian Railways operate trains between Ropar to Chandigarh:

Train numberRopar railway station timingChandigarh Jn. railway station timingTravel timeTrain typeDay
120586:10 am7:33 am1:23 hrsNew Delhi NDLS JANSHATB ExpressRuns daily
069988:48 am10:50 am2:02 hrsDaulatpur Chowk-Ambala Cantt DEMU SpecialRuns daily
0456811:59 am1:20 pm1:21 hrsNangal Dam-Ambala Cantt. MEMU Express SpecialRuns daily
045943:43 pm5:20 pm1:37 hrsAmbAndaura-Ambala Cantt. MEMU Express SpecialRuns daily
194124:18 pm5:43 pm1:25 hrsSabarmati ExpressRuns daily
227105:28 pm6:43 pm1:15 hrsHazur Sahib Nanded Weekly SF ExpressThu
Ropar to Chandigarh train time

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