Rewari to Ajmer Bus Time Table Latest

Latest Haryana roadways Rewari to Ajmer Bus Time Table Latest

Rewari to Ajmer Bus Time Table Latest
Rewari to Ajmer bus timing

Haryana Roadways Buses is operating its buses from Rewari to Ajmer as per Rewari bus stand timetable

Rewari to Ajmer Distance: 332 km

Rewari to Ajmer bus Ticket price: 360 Rs (approx)

Serial number Departure timeBus routeViaBus type
01.2:00 pmRohtak to AjmerKotputli, JaipurHaryana roadways
Rewari to Ajmer bus time


Passengers are advised to confirm Rewari to Ajmer bus Time table from Rewari Bus stand Enquiry Numbers:- 01274-256323


For Ajmer to Rewari bus timetableClick here

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Rewari to Ajmer Train TimeTable

Indian Railways operate trains between Rewari to Ajmer:

Train numberRewari railway station timingAjmer railway station timingTravel timeTrain typeDay
1903212:10 am5:40 am5:30 hrsYoga ExpressRuns daily
194121:00 am6:45 am5:45 hrsSabarmati ExpressRuns daily
096321:30 am9:45 am8:15 hrsAjmer Special Fare Satsang SpecialMon
129842:25 am8:40 am6:15 hrsAjmer Garib Rath ExpressSun, Tue, Thu
196102:27 am8:40 am6:13 hrsUdaipur City ExpressMon, Wed, Sat
196142:55 am9:05 am6:10 hrsAmritsar-Ajmer ExpressMon, Sat
196122:55 am9:05 am6:10 hrsAmritsar-Ajmer ExpressWed, Fri
124146:01 am12:10 pm6:09 hrsPooja SF ExpressRuns daily
250146:25 am12:15 pm5:50 hrsCorbett Park Link ExpressRuns daily
150146:25 am12:15 pm5:50 hrsRanikhet ExpressRuns daily
120157:47 am12:55 pm5:08 hrsAjmer Shatabdi ExpressRuns daily
194167:55 am1:25 pm5:30 hrsAhmedabad ExpressWed
209408:05 am1:25 pm5:20 hrsAhmedabad SF ExpressThu
194088:05 am1:25 pm5:20 hrsAhmedabad Weekly ExpressSun
209389:47 am3:25 pm5:38 hrsPorbandar SF ExpressMon, Thu
1221510:20 am4:00 pm5:40 hrsBandra Terminus Garib Rath ExpressMon, Tue, Thu, Sat
2245211:17 am4:00 pm4:43 hrsBandra Terminus SF ExpressSun, Wed
143212:07 pm8:20 pm6:13 hrsAla Hazrat ExpressSun, Mon, Wed, Fri
143112:07 pm8:20 pm6:13 hrsAla Hazrat ExpressTue, Thu, Sat
192702:45 pm9:25 pm6:40 hrsPorbandar ExpressMon, Tue
209142:45 pm9:25 pm6:40 hrsRajkot Weekly SF ExpressFri
095242:50 pm9:25 pm6:35 hrsOkha Special Fare SF Festival SpecialWed
195663:10 pm9:25 pm6:15 hrsUttranchal ExpressSun
196023:10 pm9:20 pm6:10 hrsUdaipur City Weekly ExpressTue
157153:10 pm9:25 pm6:15 hrsAjmer GaribNawaz ExpressMon, Wed, Sat
193384:25 pm10:05 pm5:40 hrsIndore Weekly ExpressMon
090084:25 pm10:05 pm5:40 hrsValsad SF Special Fare SpecialFri
129165:00 pm10:30 pm5:30 hrsAshram ExpressRuns daily
229505:37 pm10:50 pm5:13 hrsBandra Terminus SF ExpressThu
229865:37 pm10:05 pm4:28 hrsRajasthan Humsafar ExpressSun
120665:37 pm10:15 pm4:38 hrsAjmer Jan Shatabdi ExpressMon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat
046566:25 pm1:15 am6:50 hrsUdaipur City Special Fare Garib rath Summer SpecialThu
204739:02 pm1:55 am4:53 hrsChetak ExpressRuns daily
Rewari to Ajmer train time

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