Jammu to Jalandhar Bus Time Table Latest

Latest (JKRTC) Jammu Kashmir roadways Jammu to Jalandhar Bus Time Table Latest

Jammu to Jalandhar Bus Time Table Latest
Jammu to Jalandhar bus timing

Jammu Kashmir Roadways (J&K SRTC) Buses is operating its buses from Jammu to Jalandhar as per the Jammu bus stand timetable

Jammu to Jalandhar Distance: 231.9 km

Jammu to Jalandhar bus Ticket price: 290 Rs (approx)

Serial number Departure timeBus routeViaBus type
01.7:40 amJammu to JalandharJKRTC roadways
02.11:10 amJammu to JalandharJKRTC roadways
Jammu to Jalandhar bus time


Passengers are advised to confirm Jammu to Jalandhar bus Time table from Jammu Bus stand Enquiry Numbers:-    0191 257 7475, 0194-2435262

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Jammu to Jalandhar Train TimeTable

Indian Railways operate trains between Jammu to Jalandhar:

Train numberJammu Tawi railway station timingJalandhar Cantt. railway station timingTravel timeTrain typeDay
1603212:10 am4:30 am4:20 hrsAndaman ExpressSun, Wed, Sat
1631812:10 am4:30 am4:20 hrsHimsagar ExpressTue
1678812:10 am4:30 am4:20 hrsTirunelveli ExpressFri
1145012:10 am4:30 am4:20 hrsJabalpur Weekly ExpressThu
1980412:10 am4:30 am4:20 hrsKota Weekly ExpressMon
2246212:35 am4:05 am3:30 hrsShri Shakti AC ExpressRuns daily
042501:00 am4:45 am3:45 hrsLohta Special Fare Summer SpecialSat
208481:00 am4:55 am3:55 hrsDurg SF ExpressFri
125504:35 am8:05 am3:30 hrsDurg Weekly SF ExpressThu
156565:45 am9:30 am3:45 hrsKamakhya Weekly ExpressWed
093225:45 am9:35 am3:50 hrsIndore Special Fare Summer SpecialFri
127525:45 am9:20 am3:35 hrsHazur Sahib Nanded Humsafar ExpressSun
190285:45 am9:20 am3:35 hrsBandra Terminus Vivek ExpressMon
046565:45 am9:37 am3:52 hrsUdaipur City Special Fare Garib Rath Summer SpecialThu
227067:20 am10:50 am3:30 hrsTirupati Humsafar ExpressFri
146127:20 am10:50 am3:30 hrsGhaziapur City Weekly ExpressThu
1292010:30 am2:12 pm3:42 hrsMalwa SF ExpressRuns daily
1247611:30 am3:20 pm3:50 hrsHapa SF ExpressMon
1247811:30 am3:20 pm3:50 hrsJamnagar SF ExpressSun
1247211:30 am3:20 pm3:50 hrsSwaraj ExpressTue, Wed, Fri, Sat
1247411:30 am3:20 pm3:50 hrsSarvodaya ExpressThu
2294212:32 pm3:52 pm3:20 hrsIndore Weekly ExpressWed
122382:00 pm5:25 pm3:25 hrsBegampura ExpressRuns daily
183102:35 pm9:27 pm6:52 hrsSambalpur ExpressSun, Tue, Thu, Fri
181022:35 pm9:27 pm6:52 hrsTatanagar ExpressMon, Wed, Sat
041384:40 pm8:23 pm3:43 hrsSubedarganj Special Fare SF Summer SpecialMon
224324:40 pm8:23 pm3:43 hrsSubedarganj SF ExpressSun, Wed
041424:40 pm8:23 pm3:43 hrsSubedarganj Special Fare SF SpecialTue, Sat
140345:10 pm9:16 pm4:06 hrsJammu MailRuns daily
123565:35 pm9:00 pm3:25 hrsArchana ExpressSun, Wed
124925:35 pm9:00 pm3:25 hrsMoul Dhwaj SF ExpressFri
124705:35 pm9:00 pm3:25 hrsKanpur Central SF ExpressTue, Thu
124146:15 pm9:55 pm3:40 hrsPooja SF ExpressRuns daily
146106:30 pm10:48 pm4:18 hrsHemkunt ExpressRuns daily
224027:15 pm10:28 pm3:13 hrsDelhi Sarai Rohilla AC SF ExpressSun, Tue, Thu
209867:42 pm11:20 pm3:38 hrsKota Weekly SF ExpressThu
145047:42 pm11:20 pm3:38 hrsKalka SF ExpressWed, Sat
046727:50 pm11:20 pm3:30 hrsNew Delhi Special Fare Summer SpecialSun
040828:00 pm11:40 pm3:40 hrsNew Delhi Special Fare Summer SpecialSun
040768:00 pm11:40 pm3:40 hrsNew Delhi Special Fare Summer SpecialFri
040728:00 pm11:40 pm3:40 hrsNew Delhi Gati Shakti AC Summer SpecialSat
131528:30 pm12:25 am3:55 hrsKolkata ExpressRuns daily
124469:40 pm1:07 am3:27 hrsUttar Sampark Kranti ExpressRuns daily
1460610:05 pm1:40 am3:35 hrsYog Nagari Rishikesh ExpressSun,
1466210:25 pm2:00 am3:35 hrsBarmer ExpressSun, Wed, Fri
1464610:25 pm2:00 am3:35 hrsShalimar ExpressMon, Tue, Thu, Sat
1565410:45 pm2:20 am3:35 hrsGuwahati Amarnath ExpressFri
1233210:45 pm2:20 am3:35 hrsHimgiri ExpressSun, Mon, Thu
1565210:45 pm2:20 am3:35 hrsLohit ExpressWed
1509810:45 pm2:20 am3:35 hrsBhagalpur Amarnath ExpressTue
1258810:45 pm2:20 am3:35 hrsGorakhpur Amarnath SF ExpressSat
0405411:00 pm2:43 am3:43 hrsAnand Vihar Terminal UHP-ANVT SPLTue, Fri
0909811:20 pm3:00 am3:40 hrsAhmedabad Special Fare Summer SpecialTue
1220811:20 pm2:55 am3:35 hrsKathgodam Garib Rath ExpressSun
1107811:40 pm3:25 am3:45 hrsJhelum ExpressRuns daily
Train numberJammu Tawi railway station timingJalandhar City railway station timingTravel timeTrain typeDay
192247:50 am1:10 pm5:20 hrsAhmedabad ExpressRuns daily
1941612:32 pm7:00 pm6:28 hrsAhmedabad ExpressTue
192269:00 pm3:35 am6:35 hrsJodhpur ExpressRuns daily
1910811:20 pm2:55 am3:35 hrsBhavnagar Terminus Janmabhoomi ExpressMon
Jammu to Jalandhar train

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