Jaipur to Gurugram Bus Time Table Latest

Latest Haryana roadways Jaipur to Gurugram Bus Time Table Latest

Jaipur to Gurugram Bus Time Table Latest
Jaipur to Gurugram Bus Timing

Haryana Roadways is operating its buses from Jaipur to Gurugram as per Jaipur bus stand timetable

Jaipur to Gurugram Distance: 253 km

Jaipur to Gurugram bus Ticket price: 280 Rs (approx)

Haryana roadways Buses

Serial numberDeparture timeBus routeViaBus type
01.11:10 amJaipur to GurgaonShahpura, KotputliHaryana roadways
02.12:10 pmJaipur to GurgaonShahpura, KotputliHaryana roadways
03.12:20 pmJaipur to GurgaonShahpura, KotputliHaryana roadways
04.6:50 pmJaipur to GurgaonShahpura, KotputliHaryana roadways
Jaipur to Gurugram bus time

Serial numberDeparture timeBus routeViaBus type
01.4:05 amJaipur to GurgaonKotputliRajasthan roadways
02.4:30 amJaipur to DelhiKotputliRajasthan roadways
03.5:00 amJaipur to GurgaonKotputliRajasthan roadways
04.5:20 amJaipur to DelhiKotputliRajasthan roadways
05.6:15 amJaipur to DelhiKotputliRajasthan roadways
06.6:30 amJaipur to DelhiKotputliRajasthan roadways
07.6:45 amJaipur to DehradunKotputliRajasthan roadways
08.6:55 amJaipur to ChandigarhKotputliRajasthan roadways
09.7:10 amJaipur to DelhiKotputliRajasthan roadways
10.7:25 amJaipur to DelhiKotputliRajasthan roadways
11.9:40 amJaipur to GurgaonKotputliRajasthan roadways
12.9:55 amJaipur to MuradabadKotputliRajasthan roadways
13.10:15 amJaipur to DelhiKotputliRajasthan roadways
14.10:30 amJaipur to GurgaonKotputliRajasthan roadways
15.11:30 amTonk to FaridabadKotputliRajasthan roadways
16.12:30 pmTonk to FaridabadKotputliRajasthan roadways
17.12:55 pmJaipur to RamnagarKotputliRajasthan roadways
18.1:05 pmTonk to DelhiKotputliRajasthan roadways
19.1:15 pmJaipur to DelhiKotputliRajasthan roadways
20.1:30 pmJaipur to DelhiKotputliRajasthan roadways
21.1:45 pmJaipur to DelhiKotputliRajasthan roadways
22.2:30 pmJaipur to DelhiKotputliRajasthan roadways
23.3:05 pmJaipur to DelhiKotputliRajasthan roadways
24.4:50 pmJaipur to DelhiKotputliRajasthan roadways
25.11:30 pmJaipur to DelhiKotputliRajasthan roadways
Jaipur to Gurugram bus time


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Jaipur to Gurugram Train Time Table

Indian railways operate trains between Jaipur to Gurugram:

Train numberJaipur railway station timingGurugram railway station timingTravel timeTrain typeDay
229961:20 am5:34 am4:14 hrsMandore Superfast ExpressRuns daily
129572:55 am6:24 am3:29 hrsSwarna Jayanti Rajdhani ExpressRuns daily
195654:15 am9:21 am5:06 hrsUttranchal ExpressSat
209134:15 am9:21 am5:06 hrsDelhi Sarai Rohilla Weekly SF ExpressFri
129154:30 am8:53 am4:23 hrsAshram ExpressRuns daily
129856:00 am9:36 am3:36 hrsDelhi Sarai Rohilla Ac Double Decker Express Runs daily
122166:10 am10:11 am4:01 hrsDelhi Sarai Rohilla Garib rath ExpressMon, Wed, Thu, Sat
204877:00 am11:26 am4:26 hrsMalani SF ExpressTue, Fri
143228:35 am1:21 pm4:46 hrsAla Hazrat ExpressSun, Mon, Tue, Fri
143128:35 am1:21 pm4:46 hrsAla Hazrat ExpressWed, Thu, Sat
194079:15 am1:31 pm4:16 hrsVaranasi Weekly ExpressFri
196019:15 am1:31 pm4:16 hrsNew Jalpaiguri Weekly ExpressSat
1466110:25 am6:36 pm8:11 hrsJammu Tawi ExpressMon, Wed, Sat
1464510:25 am6:36 pm8:11 hrsShalimar ExpressSun, Tue, Thu, Fri
192692:10 pm6:38 pm4:28 hrsMuzaffarpur ExpressFri, Sat
209372:10 pm6:38 pm4:28 hrsDelhi Sarai Rohilla SF ExpressSun, Wed
157162:10 pm6:38 pm4:28 hrsKishanganj Garib Nawaz ExpressMon, Tue, Thu
150133:25 pm8:01 pm4:36 hrsRanikhet ExpressRuns daily
124134:10 pm8:40 pm4:30 hrsPooja SF ExpressRuns daily
120165:50 pm9:38 pm3:48 hrsNew Delhi Shatabdi ExpressRuns daily
209396:20 pm10:42 pm4:22 hrsSultanpur SF ExpressTue
197018:40 pm4:46 am8:06 hrsSainik ExpressRuns daily
1903110:50 pm3:46 am4:57 hrsYoga ExpressRuns daily
Jaipur to Gurugram train time

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