Falna to Ahmedabad Bus Time Table Latest

Latest Rajasthan roadways Falna to Ahmedabad Bus Time Table Latest

Falna to Ahmedabad Bus Time Table Latest
Falna to Ahmedabad bus timing

Rajasthan Roadways (RSRTC) Buses is operating its buses from Falna to Ahmedabad as per Falna bus stand timetable

Falna to Ahmedabad Distance: 340 km

Falna to Ahmedabad bus Ticket price: 350 Rs (approx)

Serial number Departure timeBus routeViaBus type
01.6:40 amFalna to AhmedabadSadri, Gogunda, UdaipurRSRTC Express
02.7:00 amFalna to AhmedabadSewariRSRTC Express
Falna to Ahmedabad bus time


Passengers are advised to confirm Falna to Ahmedabad bus Time table from Falna Bus stand Enquiry Numbers:-


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Falna to Ahmedabad Train TimeTable

Indian Railways operate trains between Falna to Ahmedabad:

Train numberFalna railway station timingAhmedabad railway station timingTravel timeTrain typeDay
129161:07 am6:20 am5:13 hrsAshram ExpressRuns daily
165882:00 am6:55 am4:55 hrsYesvantpur ExpressMon, Wed
229502:00 am7:40 am5:40 hrsBandra Terminus SF ExpressFri
229322:00 am7:10 am5:10 hrsBandra Terminus SF ExpressSun
190282:00 am7:10 am5:10 hrsBandra Terminus Vivek ExpressTue
163112:27 am7:20 am4:53 hrsKochuveli ExpressWed
090402:27 am7:55 am5:28 hrsBandra Terminus Special Fare SF SpecialFri
224752:31 am7:35 am5:04 hrsCoimbatore AC SF ExpressThu
176243:02 am7:55 am4:53 hrsHazur Sahib Nanded ExpressSun
229163:02 am7:50 am4:48 hrsBandra Terminus SF ExpressWed
227243:02 am7:55 am4:53 hrsHazur Sahib Nanded SGNR NED SF EXPSun
226643:02 am7:55 am4:53 hrsChennai Egmore Weekly SF ExpressTue
070543:32 am8:25 am4:53 hrsKachgudu Special Fare Summer Special Wed
129584:12 am8:45 am4:33 hrsSwarna Jayanti Rajdhani ExpressRuns daily
194105:32 am10:50 am5:18 hrsAhmedabad ExpressSat, Thu
192248:12 am1:40 pm5:28 hrsAhmedabad ExpressRuns daily
165318:53 am1:55 pm5:03 hrsKSR Bengaluru Garib Nawaz ExpressMon
165078:53 am1:55 pm5:03 hrsKSR Bengaluru ExpressThu, Sat
162098:53 am1:55 pm5:03 hrsAjmer-Mysuru ExpressSun, Fri
190329:05 am3:35 pm6:30 hrsYoga ExpressRuns daily
0942212:59 pm6:00 pm5:01 hrsAhmedabad Special Fare Summer specialThu
204753:00 pm7:45 pm4:45 hrsPune Weekly ExpressMo0n
110893:00 pm7:45 pm4:45 hrsPune ExpressTue
147013:05 pm9:40 pm6:35 hrsAmrapur Aravali ExpressRuns daily
209404:20 pm10:00 pm5:40 hrsAhmedabad SF ExpressThu
194164:20 pm10:00 pm5:40 hrsAhmedabad ExpressWed
194084:20 pm10:00 pm5:40 hrsAhmedabad Weekly ExpressSun
147074:45 pm10:50 pm6:05 hrsRanakpur ExpressRuns daily
194026:33 pm11:55 pm5:22 hrsAhmedabad ExpressWed
048136:37 pm12:05 am5:28 hrsUdhna Special Fare SF Summer SpecialSat
224527:00 pm12:35 am5:35 hrsBandra Terminus SF ExpressSun, Wed
122157:00 pm12:35 am5:35 hrsBandra Terminus Garib rath ExpressMon, Tue, Thu, Sat
190569:50 pm3:00 am5:10 hrsValsad Weekly ExpressWed
208249:50 pm3:10 am5:20 hrsAjmer-Puri SF ExpressTue, Thu
1247910:10 pm3:20 am5:10 hrsSuryanagari SF ExpressRuns daily
1299011:00 pm4:35 am5:35 hrsDadar Western SF ExpressSun, Wed, Fri
Train numberFalna railway station timingSabarmati BG railway station timingTravel timeTrain typeDay
125476:57 am11:55 am4:58 hrsSabarmati SF ExpressTue, Wed, Fri, Sat
225476:57 am11:55 am4:58 hrsSabarmati SF ExpressSun, Mon, Thu
194129:50 am3:00 pm5:10 hrsSabarmati ExpressRuns daily
148211:18 pm8:45 pm7:21 hrsSabarmati ExpressRuns daily
Train numberFalna railway station timingChandlodiya railway station timingTravel timeTrain typeDay
209386:33 pm11:25 pm4:52 hrsP{orbandar SF ExpressMon, Thu
1431111:22 pm4:20 am 4:58 hrsAla Hazrat ExpressTue, Thu, Sat
Falna to Ahmedabad train time

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