Baran to Kota Bus Timetable

Latest Rajasthan roadways Baran to Kota Bus TimeTable Latest

Baran to Kota Bus Timetable
Baran to Kota Bus Timetable

Rajasthan Roadways (RSRTC) Buses is operating its buses from Baran to Kota as per the Baran bus stand timetable

Baran to Kota Distance: 74 km

Baran to Kota bus Ticket price: 90 Rs (approx)

Serial numberDeparture timeBus routeViaBus type
01.6:00 amBaran to KotaAnta, SimliyaRSRTC Express
02.6:30 amBaran to UdaipurRSRTC Semi Deluxe
03.7:00 amBaran to AjmerRSRTC Express
04.7:20 amBaran to AlwarRSRTC Express
05.8:00 amBaran to BeawarRSRTC Express
06.8:10 amBaran to KotaSimliyaRSRTC Express
07.9:10 amBaran to KotaSimliyaRSRTC Express
08.9:30 amBaran to KotaSimliyaRSRTC Express
09.10:10 amBaran to KotaSimliyaRSRTC Express
10.11:10 amBaran to KotaSimliyaRSRTC Express
11.12:10 pmBaran to KotaSimliyaRSRTC Express
12.1:10 pmBaran to KotaSimliyaRSRTC Express
13.1:25 pmShivpuri to BundiSimliyaRSRTC Express
14.1:50 pmChhipaboard to JaipurRSRTC Semi Deluxe
15.2:10 pmBaran to KotaSimliyaRSRTC Express
16.2:30 pmBaran to KotaSimliyaRSRTC Express
17.3:10 pmBaran to KotaSimliyaRSRTC Express
18.3:20 pmBaran to KotaRSRTC Express
19.4:10 pmShivpuri to BundiSimliyaRSRTC Express
20.5:10 pmBaran to KotaSimliyaRSRTC Express
21.6:10 pmBaran to KotaSimliyaRSRTC Express
22.6:30 pmBaran to DelhiAnta, SimliyaRSRTC Sleeper Semi Deluxe
23.7:10 pmBaran to KotaSimliyaRSRTC Express
Baran to Kota bus timing


Passengers are advised to confirm the Baran to Kota bus Time table from the Baran Bus stand Enquiry Number:- 07453230220

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Alternative route :

Baran to Kota Train TimeTable

Indian Railways operate trains between Baran to Kota:

Train numberBaran railway station timingKota railway station timingTravel timeTrain typeDay
1481412:55 am2:20 am1 hrs25 minBhopal-Jodhpur ExpressRuns Daily
198125:00 am7:25 am2 hrs
25 min
Etawah-Kota ExpressRuns Daily
121815:55 am6:50 am55 minDayodaya SF ExpressRuns Daily
116045:00 pm6:50 pm1 hrs
50 min
Bina-Kota MEMU ExpressRuns Daily
229849:50 pm11:25 pm1 hrs
35 min
Kota InterCity SF ExpressRuns Daily
Baran to Kota train time

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