Ambala to Bareli Bus Time Table Latest

Latest Haryana roadways Ambala to Bareli Bus Time Table Latest

Ambala To Bareli Bus Time Table Latest
Ambala to Bareli bus timing

Haryana Roadways is operating its buses from Ambala to Amritsar as per Ambala bus stand timetable

Ambala to Bareli Distance: 447 km

Ambala to Bareli bus Ticket price: 600 Rs (approx)

Serial numberDeparture timeBus routeViaBus type
01.1:10 pmAmbala to BareliSaharanpur, Muzaffarnagar, Bijnore, MoradabadHaryana roadways
02.3:00 pmAmbala to LukhnowSaharanpur, Muzaffarnagar, Bijnore, MoradabadHaryana roadways
Ambala to Bareli bus timetable


Passengers are advised to confirm Ambala to Bareli Time Table from Ambala Bus stand Enquiry Number:- 0171-2551804


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Ambala to Bareli Train Time Table

Indian railways operate train between Ambala to Bareli :

Train numberAmbala railway station timingBareli railway station timingtravel timeTrain typeDay
1235612:15 am6:06 am5:51 hrsArchana Sf ExpressMon, Thu
1249212:15 am6:06 am5:51 hrsMour Dhwaj expressSat
1247012:15 am6:06 am5:51 hrsKanpur central sf expressWed, Fri
1590412:25 am6:51 am6:26 hrsDibrugarh ExpressMon, Thu
1553212:25 am6:51 am6:26 hrsSaharsa jansadharan expressTue
131524:15 am11:51 am 7:36 hrsKolkata expressRuns daily
123325:25 am11:38 am7:13 hrsHimgiri expressMon, tue, fri
156545:25 am11:38 am7:13 hrsGuwahati Amarnath expressSat
156525:25 am11:38 am7:13 hrsLohit expressThu
150985:25 am11:38 am7:13 hrsBhagalpur Amarnath expressWed
125885:25 am11:38 am7:13 hrsGorakhpur Amarnath Sf expressSun
122048:10 am3:09 pm6:59 hrssaharsa Garib rath expressSun, Wed, Sat
1231810:05 am4:19 pm5:46 hrsAkal Takht ExpressTue, Fri
1235810:05 am4:19 pm5:46 hrsDurgiana expressMon, Thu
1232610:05 am4:19 pm5:46 hrsGurumukhi Sf ExpressSat
1461811:35 am5:55 pm6:20 hrsBanmankhi jan sewa expressRuns daily
156561:02 pm7:25 pm6:23 hrskamkhaya weekly expressWed
225521:02 pm7:25 pm6:23 hrsDarbhanga antyodaya expressSun
223181:55 pm7:04 pm5:09 hrsSealdah humsafar expressWed
224244:55 am10:52 pm5:57 hrsGorakhpur jansadharan Sf expressSun
181044:55 am10:52 pm5:57 hrsTatanagar jalianwala bagh expressWed, Fri
224464:55 am10:52 pm5:57 hrsKanpur central weekly Sf expressThu
146045:25 pm11:10 pm5:45 hrsSaharsa jansadharan expressWed
146506:18 pm1:55 am7:37 hrssrayu Yamuna expressMon, Wed, Sat
146746:18 pm1:55 am7:37 hrsShaheed expressSun, Tue, Thu, Fri
159348:25 pm2:23 am5:58 hrsNew Tinsukia expressFri
122329:50 pm4:23 am6:33 hrsLucknow Sf ExpressRuns daily
2235610:20 pm4:41 am6:21 hrsPatliputra Sf expressMon, Thu
1452410:20 pm5:00 am6:40 hrsHarihar expressTue, Sat
1330810:35 pm5:30 am6:59 hrsGanga Sutlej expressRuns daily
1300611:35 pm6:22 am6:47 hrsAmritsar-Howrah mailRuns daily
1521211:55 pm6:36 am6:41 hrsJan Nayak expressMon, Wed, Sat
Ambala to Bareli train timetable

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