Ambala to Amritsar Bus Time Table Latest

Latest Haryana roadways Ambala to Amritsar Bus Time Table Latest

Ambala to Amritsar Bus Time Table Latest
Ambala to Amritsar bus timing

Haryana Roadways is operating its buses from Ambala to Amritsar as per Ambala bus stand timetable

Ambala to Amritsar Distance: 249.8 km

Ambala to Amritsar bus Ticket price: 300 Rs (approx)

Serial numberDeparture timeBus routeViaBus type
01.5:30 amAmbala to AmritsarRajpura, Ludhiana, Phagwara, jalandharHaryana roadways
02.12:30 pmBallabgarh to AmritsarRajpura, Ludhiana, Phagwara, jalandharHaryana roadways
Ambala to Amritsar bus timetable


Passengers are advised to confirm Ambala to Amritsar Time Table from Ambala Bus stand Enquiry Number:- 0171-2551804


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Ambala to Amritsar Train Time Table

Indian railways operate train between Ambala to Amritsar :

Train numberAmbala railway station timingAmritsar railway station timingtravel timeTrain typeDay
182371:38 am7:35 am5:57 hrsChhattisgarh expressRuns Daily
146311:52 am8:15 am6:23 hrsAmritsar ExpressRuns Daily
183092:10 am7:55 am5:45 hrsJammu Tawi ExpressMon, Wed, Thu, sat
181012:10 am7:55 am5:45 hrsJammu Tawi ExpressSun, Tue, Fri
224232:16 am6:30 am4:14 hrsAmritsar jansadharan Sf ExpressTue,
181032:16 am6:30 am4:14 hrsAmritsar jallianwala bagh ExpressWed, Fri
130053:20 am8:40 am5:20 hrsHowrah- Amritsar mailRuns Daily
224455:20 am9:30 am4:10 hrsAmritsar weekly Sf expressTue
157076:55 am12:20 pm5:25 hrsAmarpali expressRuns daily
155316:55 am2:40 pm7:45 hrsAmritsar jansadharan Sf expressMon,
110578:00 am4:15 pm8:15 hrsAmritsar ExpressRuns Daily
146159:10 am1:50 pm4:40 hrsAmritsar ExpressSun,
124839:43 am1:30 pm3:47 hrsAmritsar weekly Sf ExpressFri,
120319:43 am1:30 pm3:47 hrsAmritsar Shatabdi expressThu
120299:43 am1:30 pm3:47 hrsAmritsar Swarna Jayanti Shatabdi expressSun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat
1249710:07 am2:15 pm4:08 hrsShan-e-Punjab expressRuns daily
0465110:15 2:45 pm3:30 hrsAmritsar clone specialMon, Wed, Sat
2242911:15 am3:20 pm4:05 hrsPathankot Sf expressSun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat
1467311:25 am4:40 pm5:15 hrsShaheed expressSun, Tue, Thu, Fri,
1464911:25 am4:40 pm5:15 hrsSaryu Yamuna ExpressMon, Wed, Sat
1237911:15 am3:30 pm4:15 hrsAmritsar jallianwala bagh ExpressSat
1461712:05 pm 5:00 pm4:55 hrsAmritsar Jan Sewa expressRuns daily
1231712:50 pm 5:20 pm4:30 hrsAkal Takht ExpressMon, Tue,
1235712:50 pm 5:20 pm4:30 hrsDurgiana expressSun, Wed
124071:23 pm5:35 pm4:12 hrsAmritsar karmabhoomi expressThu
129252:40 pm8:15 pm5:35 hrsPaschim Sf expressRuns daily
221253:10 pm7:20 pm4:10 hrsAmritsar Ac Sf expressSun
127154:48 pm9:40 pm4:52 hrsSachkhand expressRuns daily
193254:54 pm9:15 pm4:21 hrsIndore-Amritsar expressWed, Sat
122034:54 pm9:00 pm4:06 hrsAmritsar Garib rath expressMon, Tue, Fri
159334:54 pm9:00 pm4:06 hrsAmritsar ExpressThu,
124595:10 pm10:00 pm4:50 hrsAmritsar inter-city expressRuns daily
120535:50 pm 10:20 pm4:30 hrsAmritsar Jn Hw- ASR expSun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat
208076:15 pm10:50 pm4:35 hrsHirakud Sf expressSun, Wed, Sat
120136:52 pm10:40 pm3:48 hrsAmritsar Shatabdi expressRuns daily
129037:20 pm11:35 pm4:15 hrsGolden temple mailRuns daily
152119:00 pm1:45 pm4:45 hrsJan Nayak expressSun, Tue, Fri
1460310:10 pm2:40 pm4:30 hrsAmritsar janasadharan expressSat
Ambala to Amritsar train time table

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