Alwar to Dausa Bus Time Table Latest

Latest Rajasthan roadways Alwar to Dausa Bus Time Table Latest

Alwar to Dausa Bus Time Table Latest
Alwar to Dausa bus timing

Rajasthan Roadways (RSRTC) Buses is operating its buses from Alwar to Dausa as per the Alwar bus stand timetable

Alwar to Dausa Distance: 114.4 km

Alwar to Dausa bus Ticket price: 150 Rs (approx)

Serial number Departure timeBus routeViaBus type
01.6:30 amAlwar to DausaRajgarhRSRTC Express
02.7:15 amAlwar to DausaSikandra ModRSRTC Express
03.7:45 amAlwar to DausaNaaraini MataRSRTC Ordinary
04.8:15 amAlwar to DausaThana GajiRSRTC Ordinary
05.9:15 amAlwar to DausaBandikuiRSRTC Ordinary
06.9:30 amAlwar to DausaRajgarhRSRTC Express
07.12:30 pmAlwar to DausaSikandra ModRSRTC Express
08.1:00 pmAlwar to DausaNaaraini MataRSRTC Ordinary
09.2:15 pmAlwar to DausaRajgarhRSRTC Express
10.3:30 pmAlwar to Dausa Sikandra ModRSRTC Express
Alwar to Dausa bus time


Passengers are advised to confirm Alwar to Dausa bus Time table from Alwar Bus stand Enquiry Numbers:-  0145-2429 398, 0144-2334984

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Alwar to Dausa Train TimeTable

Indian Railways operate trains between Alwar to Dausa:

Train numberAlwar railway station timingDausa railway station timingTravel timeTrain typeDay
2299512:15 am1:21 am1:06 hrsMandore Superfast ExpressRuns daily
194122:07 am3:18 am1:11 hrsSabarmati ExpressRuns daily
196103:29 am4:40 am1:11 hrsUdaipur City ExpressMon, Wed, Sat
129843:29 am4:40 am1:11 hrsAjmer Garib Rath ExpressSun, Tue, Thu
196124:02 am5:19 am1:17 hrsAmritsar-Ajmer ExpressWed, Fri
196144:02 am5:19 am1:17 hrsAmritsar-Ajmer ExpressMon, Sat
148255:20 am7:17 am1:57 hrsHisar-Jaipur ExpressRuns daily
124147:08 am8:19 am1:11 hrsPooja SF Express Runs daily
250147:37 am8:48 am1:11 hrsCorbett Park Link ExpressRuns daily
150147:37 am8:48 am1:11 hrsRanikhet ExpressRuns daily
194169:02 am10:08 am1:06 hrsAhmedabad ExpressWed
204039:33 am10:43 am1:10 hrsBikaner SF ExpressMon, Thu, Sat
124039:33 am10:43 am1:10 hrsBikaner SF ExpressSun, Tue, Wed, Fri
0417310:30 am12:29 pm1:59 hrsJaipur Express SpecialBikaner SF Express
146622:53 pm4:16 pm1:23 hrsBarmer ExpressMon, Thu, Sat
146462:53 pm4:16 pm1:23 hrsShalimar ExpressSun, Tue, Wed, Fri
143113:14 pm4:39 pm1:25 hrsAla Hazrat ExpressTue, Thu, Sat
143213:14 pm4:40 pm1:26 hrsBhuj BE – NBVJ EXPSun, Mon, Wed, Fri
209143:52 pm4:59 pm1:07 hrsRajkot Weekly SF ExpressFri
157154:17 pm5:17 pm1:00 hrsAjmer Garib Nawaz ExpressMon, Wed, Sat
096364:25 pm5:56 pm1:31 hrsRewari – Jaipur SpecialRuns daily
090085:26 pm6:31 pm1:05 hrsValsad SF Special Fare SpecialFri
193385:27 pm6:27 pm1:00 hrsIndore Weekly ExpressMon
129166:07 pm7:18 pm 1:11 hrsAshram ExpressRuns daily
204906:18 pm7:34 pm1:16 hrsBarmer SF ExpressSun, Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat
204886:23 pm7:39 pm1:16 hrsMalani SF ExpressTue, Fri
197927:38 pm9:50 pm2:12 hrsHisar-Jaipur ExpressRuns daily
129867:54 pm8:57 pm1:03 hrsJaipur AC Double Decker ExpressRuns daily
Alwar to Dausa train time

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